INFO: How we use Cookies

When somone visits a website managed by YorkUK Hosting including as well as sites ending√?¬† * / * / * we collect standard web server activity logs. The logs allow us to identify usage patterns, detect problems with our website and other similar things but only anonymously.

Some cookies are set instantly when you visit one of our web sites, they are usually 'session' cookies that only exist for the duration of your connection to the website. Such cookies provide us with the ability to determine if you are currently logged in to our site, for example to determine if you can access a control panel website or in order to be able to provide you with livehelp via our website.

We do not ordinarilly use persistent cookies, a type that will exist even after you close your web browser, but may set them if you specifically request it by using a feature such as 'remember my username'.

Most modern web browsers provide facilities for you to manage cookies. For more information about cookies, including details on how to view cookies that have been set and how to delete them please browse to

We currently use the following cookies which are essential to the core functionality of our websites:

  1. LiveHelpSession
    • Type: Session
    • Reason: Enables us to provide livehelp web messenger
    • Type: Session
    • Reason: Enables us to determine if you are currently logged, maintain session state whilst placing an order.


Additional cookies may be used depending upon how you determine to interact with our service, for example when using the Control Panel and Webmail for services you have specifically opted-in to.

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